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My path to webdesigner & webdeveloper has been that of self study, suffering, frustration, sweating and the complete and utter hate of CSS floats, Internet Explorer 8 and all things WYSIWYG.. There have been many a reason why you have to do things a certain way in building stuff for the web. Most of them that I know, I've come to on my own, after a long but fun, great many years experience on the web. Maybe I can pass some of my knowlegde on to you.

Simple website introduction

Domain & Hosting


Web languages

The First Files

First layout

Adding some content

Styling the menu & stuff

Floats & clears #1

Floats & clears #2

Positioning #1

Fullscreen background

CSS filters

Making a menu


Responsive webdesign

Bootstrap 3.0


Google Analytics

Google Maps

Custom Font(s)

What Adobe program to use?

My programs


PS introductions

Selections #1

Selections #2

Face Swapping

Puppet Warp

All topics


Building simple website

In this tutorial we'll learn how to make a website using simple code from scratch. No pre-knowledge needed.


Cascading Style Sheets

CSS can be tricky at first when it's all new. Even people that have worked with can find it.. tedious. Use it wisely.


Adobe Photoshop

There is no building anything graphical for web without good old Photoshop. But you need to learn to love it, as well as hate it.



Try to be lazy. Re-use what other people have made. Don't re-invent the wheel. About 12 more generic saying that state my point.


Webdesign: need to know

Some little things that might help you adding small free features to your site or more info on my setup, what programs I use, ...

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