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projectsComic Sans is never an acceptable font. Unless you are an 8 year old girl writing a poem about unicorns.

You'd be surprised how many kids and young people come to my website and send me an email that they are actually going to do something meaningful with their lives because of something that I said or did. It's zero. I think that's mostly because I've got an overly protective spam filter. But I still like to think that I'm making a difference. I've been making websites for years and it's something I love doing, despite global warming and horrible traffic. Sidenote: I'm not the best at writing welcome texts. Anyways, just click on any of these to look at the websites that I've made or help create in a new tab.



I'm a webdesigner first. So a lot of projects of mine involve the building of websites. From design to development.



Projects that I've started and thought, maybe others can use this as well? So I posted the on Github for you to use.



I love playing Dungeons & Dragons as the Dungeon Master. But yo do need tools to do so. So I build some.


Random & funny

It's just fun to play around with technology. And fun stuff is something people like to see right ?


Creating sustainable traffic management as a basic need.

Academie Vilvoorde

Provides classes for dance, music and theatre.

Le Lit Qui Danse

Is a Proven├žal villa situated in the south of France.

De Stalstudio

Stallers are people with a passion for theatre.

Les Trois Tilleuls

Beautiful villa in the Provence for 6 people.


Blank new web project using Gulp

Grunt + bower

Blank new web project using Grunt and Bower


Blank new web project using Grunt


It's just my way of being lazy with favourites

Homebrew all the brew

Custom rules/info for my D&D games

D&D stats

Statistics for my current D&D campaign

The static dash

A static dashboard to run my games

Copy them gifs

How Michael Scott embodies my life as front-end developer

I got this card game

A board game that is made to be played with booze and friends

The Daisies

A quiz where winning and fun are important. Also beer.

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